Friday, September 9, 2011

it's the little things

so i saw from the aisle to aloha was doing the cutest link up ever and i just had to do it.
here's my list of the little things that make me happy!

**cloudy skies and temps below 100**
it might still be 97 degrees out right now but i'm still excited!
i love love LOVE when the weather is stormy and all those puffy clouds fill the sky!

**chocolate teddy grahams**
teddy grahams
teddy grahams 2
how could you not love these guys?
they're cute and they're delicious!
and i found out they're completely milk free! booyahhh!

**80s music**
nothing gets me in a better mood than some classic rock or 80s dance song!
my dad always tells me i was born way too late.
one of my favorites is you spin me round.
you can watch the real video here but it's super creeptastic so i choose to put the one by adam sandler from the wedding singer.
which also reminds me that i super d duper love the wedding singer.
mental note to watch that this weekend.

**fresh fruit snack**
does it get any better? i think not.

**watching old, nerdy tv series with the hubsy**
right now it's x files.
x files
we are awesome!

Aisle to Aloha


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