Monday, September 12, 2011

that one time we...

bought a puffer fish!!
a dwarf puffer fish to be exact and that's the day i fell in love with a fish.
isn't he the coolest?? we named him Gideon to go along with our Scott Pilgrim themed fish names.
we got him because i read that dwarf puffers can take care of snail problems in your tank.
and seriously, within minutes of putting little Gideon in the tank he was chowing down on those snails like nobody's business!
Matt and i watched and cheered as he ate snail after snail and his belly got all big and chubby!
here's a video of him in action.
we've had a few people tell us that these puffers are meanies and will kill the other fish in our tank but since we have three red tailed sharks in there with him and they're pretty aggressive too everything seems to be a-okay.
the sharks don't even seem to notice him and he's too in love with his own reflection to notice them.
he's seriously the coolest ever!


Meg @The Kissy Pearl said...

aw! he is pretty awesome & cute too (: Who knew that they ate snails.. amazing.

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