Monday, September 26, 2011

we're in love

so my weekend didn't go exactly as planned.
instead of getting to be with my hubsy 100 percent of the time he had to work all day on saturday.
sad face.
but i do have a really cute story to tell.
so Matt gets up at the crack of dawn on saturday to go to work. i think it was like 5 AM.
he gives me a kiss and heads out the door and i fall back asleep.
a little while later i'm woken up by Matt coming back in the room and hugging me sooo tight and saying "are you all right? i got to work and thought i forgot to close the garage door so i've been calling and calling and you didn't answer so i got scared something happened to you."
turns out my phone was on vibrate so i didn't hear it go off so he drove all the way back home to make sure i was ok.
is that not the sweetest thing you've ever heard??
i guess i think it's especially sweet because Matt is definitely not the worrying type.
he's always making fun of me for getting scared when he doesn't come home on time or doesn't answer his phone so the fact that he was worried about me and drove the 20 minutes back home when he was already at work just to check on me is quite possibly the cutest thing he's ever done.
he must really love me!


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Awwwwwwwww :)

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