Wednesday, September 14, 2011

sleepy carl

so i have some words to say about Sleepy Carl.
has anyone ever heard that joke by Mike Birbiglia?
Matt and i heard this a couple months ago and i would be willing to swear on anything worth swearing on that he is talking about Matt in this joke instead of himself.
Matt is SO not a morning person.
so ever since we heard this joke i've been calling morning Matt Sleepy Carl.
you see, Matt doesn't actually become Matt until after he takes a shower in the morning.
when i first try to wake him up by being nice and giving him snuggles he grumble grumble grumbles and rolls over in a huff.
then he takes a shower and he's nice and lovey and his usual self.
i don't think people really believe me when i tell them about this until they experience it first hand.
like when we went to San Diego with my family and Matt absolutely 100 percent refused to get out of bed and get ready even though the rest of us were up.
or when we helped with my nephew's birthday party early in the morning and my sister actually asked if something was wrong with him because he wasn't acting like himself.
that's when i tell everyone "sorry he's not Matt right now, he's Sleepy Carl."
so i guess i'd just like to say...thank you Mike Birbiglia for giving a name to my husband's grumpiness in the morning. it makes it seem funny instead of annoying.


AZ Larsens said...

"And I am be an American." I just laughed so hard I am crying!

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