Monday, October 4, 2010

procrastination = purses

Saturday was a busy busy day for us!
our favorite holiday is fast approaching so all our spare time is filled up with finishing our Halloween costumes.
so that's what we did alllllllllllllll Saturday.
Matt banished himself to the garage and i heard a lot of banging and screeching and whirring going on.
and i stayed inside to sew some things.
for some reason Matt and i started working on each other's costumes without really thinking about it so apparently that's how it's going to work this year.
we're not making our own costumes, we're making each other's.

Matt did a lot of good work!
he kept bringing in different things for me to try on and test out and yadda yadda.
and i did a great job too!
a great job of procrastinating!
instead of making the articles of clothing i was supposed to make for Matt's costume i made these!

i'm very proud of them!
i've never made a purse before and i think these came out perfect!
even my grandma who is a sewing wizard told me they look very professional!
and i consider that a HUGE compliment!

i started with the tree/birdy one.

the outside is that bird fabric and the inside is black.
there's a zipper pocket on the inside too because every girl knows you have to have one of those!
that was actually the hardest part of the whole project.

and after i made the birdy purse i really wanted to make one with mine and Matt's little symbol.
i sewed the little people and the heart on first (which was a super pain until i figured out what i was doing) and then constructed the purse.
i'm in love with it!

awww aren't we the cutest little stick figures in the whole wide world??

so now i guess i have to finish Matt's costume pieces sometime this week.
curse my procrastinating!


AZ Larsens said...

Aw, you should put those in the "Crazy Cockroach Shoppe"!

p.s. i want one

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