Wednesday, October 20, 2010

costumes costumes costumes

i super d duper love halloween!
but not in a scary-i-want-to-go-to-haunted-houses-and-watch-horror-movies-so-i-won't-sleep-for-a-week kind of way.
more like in a little-kid-i-love-candy-and-costumes kind of way!

in 2006, our first halloween together, i begged and begged and begged Matt to go trick-or-treating with me and he said no way jose all the way up until we were at Ben's house and then he wanted to go.
so we searched through all of Ben's halloween boxes and came up with costumes to run around the neighborhood getting caaaaandy!
i'm just a boring old pirate but i bet you'll never guess what Matt is!
he called himself "the spirit of halloween."

after that year Matt started to come around to my way of thinking which is that halloween is the bomb diggity best holiday ever invented and we should dress accordingly.
so in 2007 we stepped up our game.
Matt's band played a show on halloween that year and they were having a costume contest so between Matt, me and Josue we made a pretty awesome ninja turtle costume!
Matt was an evil foot soldier so we could be enemies and battle all night long.
we walked into that place and were immediately declared the costume contest winners!
xena the warrior princess (right) was pretty ticked off she didn't win the $50 to Best Buy but she is seriously crazy if she doesn't think ninja turtles kick warrior princess bootay!
man it was hot with that turtle head on!

in 2008 we owned Create It! which meant there was very little time for costume making.
we had a party at the store that night so we had to dress up as something but we kept it simple.
Matt was his favorite character of all time.
Calvin and his little stuffed tiger Hobbes.
again, not our best work but everyone knew who he was!

unfortunately, i have zero good pictures of my costume that year.
i ended up being Dora the Explorer which was a midnight decision at Walmart the night before halloween.
did you know you could find everything you need for a Dora costume at Walmart?
remember that!

2009 was our best year yet.
we spent many hours slaving away working with fabric, foam, cardboard, hot glue guns, ice (after stepping on the hot glue gun), wrapping paper, pipe cleaner and poster board.
and i must say, i was very pleased with the results!
Max and Carol from Where the Wild Things Are.

Matt's costume obviously took the most work.
his head is made entirely of cardboard, foam and fabric.
my costume was much simpler but equally awesome!
i mean, i got to wear a onesie!
which i totally talked Matt into buying for this costume but has been worn on other occasions as well!
and my favorite part of my costume is my little wand/staff thingy which is actually made from a christmas ornament!
i think the best part about our costumes is we went to a party and ended up having our picture taken so many times i lost count!
everybody loved it and couldn't believe we made the whole thing ourselves!

which brings us to 2010.
everybody better watch out for this year's costumes because they are going to be out of this world!!


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