Wednesday, October 20, 2010

hootie pillow

last week on thursday the lovely Christine and i took a trip to Goodwill for dollar day.
it's seriously a genius idea if you come on the right week.
Christine got 3 cool things for 3 little bucks.
dollar day was not my friend that day so instead i ended up with only 2 things for like 8 bucks.
but one of the things i found was a cute shirt with hooties all over it but it was about 20 sizes too small for me.
but i just couldn't put it down!
the pattern is just too awesome!
so i decided to get it so i could cut it up and make a pillow!

first i cut the sleeves and collar off the shirt and then cut it down the side to make two pieces.
then i had to do some weird maneuvering because the big hootie and stars design was really close to the collar.
it made me pretty mad for a bit because it just wouldn't behave and i had to decide to lose a little bit of one of the stars but i still think it came out great!
it's cute and little and just perfect for halloween!
plus it's ridiculously soft since it's made out of a t-shirt.
Padme loves it!
probably because it's just her size!


Anonymous said...

YAY! I was wondering when this pillow would make it's grand debut! Also, maybe we could plan for another trip on my next Thurs off? I'll save up my dollars.


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