Tuesday, October 5, 2010

RIP diving girl sign

so Arizona practically never ever gets rain but when it does it's CRAZY!
so this big storm swoops in earlier today and goes on for about 30 minutes and in that time we get giant hail, sideways rain, floods and strong enough wind to uproot trees and power poles and send them flying into streets, fences, homes, cars, etc.

but worst of all, that dang wind took down something near and dear to every person in Mesa.

(stole this pic from Gabby)

the diving girl motel sign.
it's a tragedy beyond all other tragedies!
i think everyone, including myself, has joked about one day staying at the diving girl motel.
of course it's only a joke because you practically get a disease just looking at the place.
i'm almost wanting to go over there and set up a road side memorial for the poor diving girl.
we owe her that much after all the years she's given us.
hopefully she'll be resurrected soon and we will see her glowing in the night again but until then...
RIP diving girl sign.
i love you.


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