Wednesday, September 29, 2010

halloween is coming!!

my favorite holiday is coming up and i am PSYCHED!
all the halloween decorations are now out around the house and it looks amazing!
it really puts me in a dress up/begging for candy kind of mood.
and all i want to do is go around to different stores and look at their decorations.
but honestly, we do NOT need more halloween decorations.
since it's my fave i spent a good deal of my time at our store painting halloween things and now my house is being taken over by halloween pottery.

this little guy is the best! i always wanted a permanent jack-o-lantern and he is definitely the cutest!

this frankenstein cup is seriously one of my favoritest pottery pieces ever!

matt's favorite halloween decoration: the zombie storm trooper bobble head.

little girl dressed as a witchy witch!

funny candy corn face!
cute little love ghosts!
who says halloween has to be scary?

i just realized i kinda have a thing for cute ghosts.

and of course we have decorations that aren't pottery too.

i'm beyond in love with this candy monster blanket!
i should really keep it out all year long.

again with the cute ghosts.
i'm a sucker for them!

so everyone should just be aware, if you come to my house you will be overwhelmed by the halloween spirit that now lives here.
consider yourself warned.


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