Thursday, September 23, 2010

my boring life

man, it's been for-e-ver since i last wrote on here.
some might think it's because i've been so busy i just haven't had the time.
that i've been slaving away and just can't spend a moment to jot something down.
well...not really.
it's really because i spent all August sick as a dog and no one wants to hear about that.
and now my life is boooooring.
matt is busy at night being the perfect little student.
he works all day and then comes home and does homework all night leaving me to entertain myself after i finish my own work.
and how do i entertain myself?
let me count the ways.

1. by playing hours upon hours of angry birds.
it's so addicting it's ridiculous!

2. sewing a cute pillow to sit on our couch.

3. sewing a black bear to sit in our outdoorsy room.

and last night i started a puzzle while watching Friends.
now people, does it get any more boring than that??
no, i believe it doesn't.
i need a new sewing project!
at least that was SOMETHING!
maybe i'll look for holiday things to make.
not that we don't already have a million decorations for halloween and christmas.
i just need something to doooooo!


AZ Larsens said...

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW! You can start on my baby clothes blanket!

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