Monday, February 28, 2011


my tutorial converting worked like a charm!
so i saw this amazing tutorial on how to make dragon slippers for little kids and just couldn't help myself.
i HAD to have these slippers!
only i wanted them to be dino slippers!
and even though the tutorial was made for little kids, i couldn't let them have all the fun.
the pattern on the tutorial worked pretty well for adult sizes.
i wish i had done a couple of things differently but all in all my feet are cozy and happy!
look at those little dinos hanging out!
i do believe i consider these guys my best sewing project yet!
and i couldn't just let my feet be the only happy ones around here so i also made some for Christine for her bday!
only Christine's are the opposite color of mine, lime green on the outside and blue on the inside because i know Christine looooooooooves lime green!
it's one of the amazing things we have in common.
i was a little on the stupid side when i gave them to her though because i didn't have my camera ready when she tried them on so no picture for the blog.
sad day.
but everyone should know they looked incredible on her!
i feel like i should be watching The Land Before Time while wearing these.
maybe i should go do that!


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