Tuesday, February 22, 2011

projects and things

this weekend was really fun!
Friday night we went out to dinner with some friends and then because we're two old and married couples (and because for some reason Matt really really wanted to) we sat around and played Scrabble.
best question of the night "how do people in China play Scrabble?"

then Matt and i spent all Saturday walking through thrift stores and antique malls!
antique malls are my new favorite places!
they have the weirdest and craziest things!
Matt and i have been talking about redecorating our whole downstairs family room/dining room/kitchen area for a long time now and we finally decided to start doing it so we went looking for unique pieces to spice up the place and if i had a million dollars i swear i would buy practically everything in those malls to decorate with!
after all our fun searching and buying we spent the rest of the weekend buying wood, drywall, screws, contact paper, etc for a HUGE project we're doing to start off the redecorating process.
it's only about halfway finished at the moment so no details until it's finished and we can unveil it in all its glory.
but Matt slaved away all weekend being a man with power tools and i pretended to help by holding things and telling him if it looks good.
ya know, the important jobs.
our house is going to seem like an entirely new place after we're done with all the redecorating we're talking about.
i can't wait!


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