Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's day

sometimes Matt and i like to pretend we're cool and know how to cook.
so yesterday we cooked our valentine's day dinner together.
we made these amazing pizza roll thingies that i found on this blog.
it was super easy and super delicious!
you just buy one of those refrigerated pizza rolls and roll it out.
Valentine's Day 2011 001
Valentine's Day 2011 002
then cut it into squares.
Valentine's Day 2011 003
then pile all your pizza fixings on top of each square.
(we had pepperoni, sausage and pineapple which we mixed and matched)
Valentine's Day 2011 005
Valentine's Day 2011 007
and then close the dough around your fixings to make a ball.
Valentine's Day 2011 009
place the balls in a pie pan and brush with olive oil and sprinkle on garlic powder, italian seasoning and parmesan cheese and then bake.
Valentine's Day 2011 011
Valentine's Day 2011 012
Valentine's Day 2011 018
then they come out all golden brown and taaaaaasty looking!
Valentine's Day 2011 021
Valentine's Day 2011 020
Matt was so excited to try them!
i think he was especially excited because you get to dip them in marinara sauce and that makes it extra fun!
Valentine's Day 2011 022
Valentine's Day 2011 024
Valentine's Day 2011 025
they were the bomb diggity!
dare i say they're even better than making pizza on the grill.
that's right!!

so we ate our pizza rolls while watching Pretty in Pink which was part of Matt's valentine's day gift.
i had never seen it before but i'm a sucker for all things 80s so of course i liked it!
especially when Duckie does this dance.
talk about amazing!

and then to make the evening true perfection Matt got me Dairy Queen!
hellooooooooooo mint oreo blizzard!
how i have missed you!
and then i spent the rest of the night with a tummy ache.
it was the best valentine's day ever!

oh and presents!
i gave Matt his present on Friday so we could have all valentine's weekend to enjoy it.
he got a basket of goodness!
Valentines's Day 2011 004
teddy bear, Jones soda, red velvet cookie mix, mini Reeses cups, Sweet Tart candy hearts, 500 Days of Summer (one of his favorite love movies), Pretty in Pink (basically just because i wanted it) and a little Boba Fett plushy i made to hang from his car rearview mirror.
we weren't supposed to get each other gifts this year so i figured this was a good thing for both of us to enjoy but of course Matt cheated and got me super expensive gifts.
he noticed me reading my scriptures the other night and saw that they are completely falling apart.
they're the ones i got when i was baptized so they're a little sad after 14 years of use.
so he surprised me with brand new fancy pants scriptures!
Valentine's Day 2011 033
because he cares about my spirit.
and he also got me an ice cream maker so we can make dairy free ice cream.
Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker - 1 Qt ICE-21C
we tried it out this weekend and so far our dairy free ice cream tastes a lot like a Big Hunk candy bar because the cream and milk we have to use is made from nuts.
we need to perfect the recipe a little bit more.

basically this was one of the all time greatest valentine's days!
love you Matt!


AZ Larsens said...

Yay! Now you have scriptures with your married name on them! I still have Wamsley on mine. And those pizza rolls look SO yummy. Gonna have to try those for sure. The thing I'm most jealous about? The Mint Oreo Blizzard.

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