Monday, June 11, 2012

you're so old

so on friday my hott hott hubsy had a birthday so it was my turn to plan a whole day of birthday funzies for him!
here's how it went down.

first, present time!!
i got matt this whole big book about joss whedon and his amazingness because matt seriously can't talk about anyone else right now!
he's always going on and on about buffy the vampire slayer and firefly and dollhouse and the avengers and cabin in the woods so it's fair to say he loved his book times infinity and beyond!
(ps. can we just talk about this ridiculously cute little smirk matt does when he's trying not to smile?? so bleepin' adorable!)
matt bday 1
joe's farm grill for breakfast.
(yes, same thing we did on my bday but it's seriously THAT GOOD!)
matt bday 13
a trip to half price books which matt totally loves to wander around for-e-ver and look at nerdy sci-fi stuff.
usually i'm in the movie section trying not to whine about how bored i am to anyone who will listen but i was on my best behavior that day since it was matt's birthday and all.
matt bday 12
next stop was the movies with a purse crammed with goodies to see prometheus.
matt bday 11
then to downtown we went to peruse the comic book and antique stores.
matt riding llama rocking horse = great times!
matt bday 9
matt bday 8
which got us all super hungry for chinese buffet!
and matt got two fortune cookies in one!
it's like they knew it was his birthday!
matt bday 7
then home for a candle blowing and cake eating good time.
matt bday 5
matt bday 4
and one final surprise present!
matt bday 6
say whaaaaat?
yeah, i'm the best wife ever and totally the queen of birthdays!

it was a super nerdy and fantastic day!
i'm so glad matt was born and i get to see his joss-whedon-loving face every single day!
matt bday 3


Chase & Amy said...

Please stop being so adorable! You guys are really the cutest couple that exists. :)

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