Tuesday, June 26, 2012

boost our spirits

thank you so much to all the people who have given us so much love and support after i shared our news.
it's been a little like a roller coaster of emotions up in here but we're making it through and we had a fun and exciting weekend to boost our spirits!

on friday night Matt went to a baseball game with his daddio so i decided i'd take a little trip to visit my favorite flagstaff sister!
i packed up my chubby penguin suitcase and we were on our way!
penguin suitcase
we had an awesome time shopping where i made Sari try on hideously hilarious shirts.
ugly shirt shopping
and we ate junk and watched movies and talked the night away!
i also felt like a total loser because i missed Matt like crazy and we were texting back and forth like we did when we were dating.
cut me some slack, i can literally count how many nights Matt and i have spent apart on one hand!

the next morning, after a breakfast of blueberry pancakes made chock full of love, i drove home and decided something, i kind of like driving long distances by myself.
i find it pretty relaxing.
apparently i would make a good trucker.
and when you're listening to comedians the time goes by really fast.
 and then you see things on the road that remind you of jokes that they tell.
you had logs
"you had logs? but i was told..."
p.s. if anyone hasn't listened to brian regan, we're not friends anymore.

it was a super short but really fun trip!
and bonus, Matt missed me like crazy so he took me out for a super fun date on saturday night!
we went to Lolo's Chicken and Waffles and now i can die a very happy girl!
i had been craving fried chicken and this seriously was perfection!
and that waffle! AH! 
most people don't know this about me but i love waffles more than any other breakfast food and these were like heaven imprinted with little tiny squares.
it seriously tasted like a churro in waffle form!
and now i want one right now!

then we went to see the movie we had been waiting for, Safety Not Guaranteed
safety not guaranteed
it was suuuch a great movie!
i love love loved it!
watch trailer or else.
and of course, Matt's favorite line in the movie...
and just watching those 2 videos has now made me want to go see it again.
Matt, when you read this you have to take me on the EXACT date we went on on saturday, deal?

also, for all you peeps that are instagramers and noticed my post full of instaphotos you can be friends with me! 
i'm ohnikkiissocool...for obvious reasons.


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