Thursday, June 7, 2012

my pets are cooler than your pets

how she does it, i have no idea but yesterday i almost stepped on our little crabby friend who was lurking by the bottom step of our stairs.
she figured out how to escape AGAIN!
photo 1
she's very talented. we should be proud, but instead matt is just freaked and i'm just worried her little crabby adventures are going to end up killing her.
now i have to try extra hard to keep track of her but she makes it so dang difficult!
after a lot of searching this morning i finally found her newest hiding spot.
photo 2
she blends in so perfectly!
and then at lunch time i found her like this.
photo 3
maybe the mystery of how she's been escaping has been solved.
who knew she could climb up that flimsy little plant!

so our crab is pretty amazing but her talents are nothing compared to Padme, the circus pup.


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