Friday, March 16, 2012

wants sharks and spooks

i'm so glad it's friday friday gotta get down on friday! this week seemed to be an extra long one. every day i got a job to type up that was mucho terrible and Matt was hardly ever home or away from the computer. but now it's the weekend! yay!

lately i've been pretending we have money and making a list of things i'm drooling over that Matt needs to buy me. basically on the top of the list is the olloclip so we can be cool and take awesome pictures with our iphones.

 i really love the look of the fisheye pictures! and i also need this iphone cover because...well because i'm a penguin lover and i MUST have it!

  penguin iphone case

we also started a shark tumblr this week! why? basically to come up with a sane reason for me to look at as many shark pictures as i already do. and guys, in only 4 days our shark tumblr has already acquired as many followers as i've acquired on my personal tumblr in 6 months. that is freaking insane! and this pic has already gotten over 1,000 likes and reblogs!

  shark feeding 

 i feel so happy that my little shark friends are so popular!
and just because i want to leave you with something to terrify you for days to come check out this gif that Matt made. at first i didn't think it was freaky but then i kept looking at how he's moving in the mirror but not in real life.





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