Wednesday, April 13, 2011

window treatments

next step of the downstairs remodel was window treatments.
we got roll down vinyl curtains which look boring right now but later i'm hoping to paint a pattern onto them or even switch them out for fabric but for now they're fine.
we had to put up valances because our windows have arches that can't be covered easily.
we really liked the idea of wooden valances but didn't want to pay a million dollars to buy some so instead we bought nice plain boring wood and cut it to size then stained it and made it awesome.
we drilled the board right into the wall which wasn't working too well with just me and the hubsy doing it so we called in reinforcements a.k.a. my brother Steven.
while putting them up we learned one very important lesson: don't use screws you bought at Walmart.
screw after screw stripped and made Matt super frustrated.
then we went to Lowe's and bought new screws that worked way better.
i hate when Walmart fails me.
but after Lowe's saved us the windows looked great!
i don't know why Padme is sitting all weird like that. she sat like that the whole time i was taking pictures that day.
we're going to cover up the screws with wood putty later but so far i'm really loving the wood valances.
we had the blinds up behind the roll down curtains initially but i didn't like the way it looked so we took them out.
i thought i would really hate to pull up the curtain and see straight outside which means people can see straight inside but i actually don't mind it.
it looks pretty good!
and our house has never been brighter!


Chase and Amy said...

The valance looks amazing, and can I say I am loving the gray?!! Woop.

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