Wednesday, April 6, 2011

farewell wall, i shall miss thee

in addition to our amazing wall construction we made another huge change in our house this past weekend.
one of the first things we did when we moved in was create our beautiful green wall.
it was the very first thing we painted in our house because we were sick of all the white walls and i love bright green!
Golfland 005
Golfland 010
Golfland 011
Golfland 017
then Matt made this tree design and sketched it out and we painted it.
Golfland 018
Golfland 021
Golfland 023
Golfland 026
no decals here!
it was the very best part of our house!
so very "us".
and the fact that people talked about our green wall made me happy.
one time at church i heard some people talking about how people paint the strangest colors in their house and they went on to describe how they had visited someone in the ward who even had a bright green wall.
they had no idea that i was in fact the person they were referring to and it made me laugh that my favorite wall made people think there was something wrong with me.
but Matt said it was time for a change so we took some pictures with our pretty green wall before it went bye bye.
this is Matt's "i painted that" face.
Matt said we had to look cool.
and then we started the process.
took down the shelves and plastered up the holes.
and then did the taping.
and said some more goodbyes.
and then it was time.
sad day.
my amazing green wall is gone and in it's place there is this.
boooooooring grey and a puppy bum.
we're going to hang stuff up and make it cool again but right now it's ridiculously dull and i miss my wall.


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NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?????????????

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