Tuesday, August 13, 2013

shark week top 3

let's talk some shark week shall we?
this year was kinda...meh.
a lot of "omg sharks are gonna eat you up!" and "hey we're telling really stupid jokes that NO ONE is laughing at!"
but let's not talk about the shows that were sucko, let's talk about the shows that were JAWSOME!
like my shirt that Matt bought me.
sharks are jawsome
it got here too late to be worn during shark week but really, i don't need shark week to wear this amazing shirt! 

so the first episode i super liked was Return of Jaws.
return of jaws
if you like science that includes robots you'll love this episode! 
they tag great whites and this robot follows the tag and gives them constant video of the sharky action.
if they can give that little robot a longer battery life it will totally change the way sharks are tagged and observed in the wild!

next we have Spawn of Jaws.
spawn of jaws
a really awesome episode of trying to find out where great whites mate and pup.
great whites have never been seen mating before. we have no idea where they go for a romantic time or where they go to give birth so figuring all this out will be a huge step to protecting those areas so great whites can repopulate.
also, paul walker. he's a fast and furious shark stud. 

and last but certainly not least, Alien Sharks of the Deep.
megamouth shark
this episode was truly amazing! 
most people have never seen sixgill, frill, goblin or megamouth sharks before and that's exactly what needs to be shown during shark week!
as cool as great whites, tigers and bull sharks are - they're not the only cool sharks out there!
this episode took you on a journey into the deep deep ocean and captured images of the sharks that are rarely ever seen.
and they got the first footage of a live megamouth shark! 
discovery channel, show more like this please!

so now my favorite week of the year is over :(
good thing i recorded the episodes above so i can watch them over and over and over again.
and i would like to take this time to say to all the people that think all my shark talk is overkill...


Cammie Haney said...

"I'm not even sorry" Ha ha ha! YOU ROCK! Go Shark Week!

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