Sunday, July 14, 2013

maternity pants heaven

so i woke up yesterday morning and looked down to find that my belly had magically grown giant overnight! 
i don't know how it does it but it seems like every couple weeks BAM there's my belly popping out way more than ever before!
i start school again tomorrow so i figured it was about time to get some maternity pants so i'm not totally hating life while sitting in class all day.
i ended up finding some cheapo pants at Ross and when i went to the dressing room to try them on i was like "oh my heaven sent articles of clothing!"
i started posing and dancing around in the tiny fitting room because i could actually move without buttons or zippers being shoved into my tummy and leaving marks! 
i ran out to find Matt and he seriously couldn't stop laughing as i told him how i wanted to jump around and do high kicks in celebration of maternity pants!
if he was allowed to wear them he would totally understand.
now i just need to get some more plain and striped shirts into my wardrobe. 
for some reason i think they make my growing belly look so much cuter.
maternity clothes


Cammie Haney said...

Maternity pants and the bees knees.

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