Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July - Hawaii Style

so i decided i should probably start posting on here again so my friends and fam won't be mad that they're missing out on things anymore.

i should probably start off with a WE'RE PREGNANT! type thing but that would be a really long-winded post and i think i should start off with something a little easier and shorter so i don't just quit blogging again, amiright?

so for now i'll just say...WE'RE PREGNANT!
(12 weeks)

so let's talk about the 4th of July!
usually this day comes and goes without Matt and i even noticing.
apparently we're old and boring already.
but this year i was not going to let that happen!
after about an hour of poking and nudging and tickling Matt I finally got him to wake up, eat breakfast and put his swimsuit on.
then something magical happened, Matt FINALLY jumped off of Laie Point! 
guys, i have been trying to get him to jump off the point for the whole 6 months that we've been here!
of course, he has to do this after i'm prego and can't join in on the fun but still, EXCITING!
Laie Point Jump
he jumped 3 times because he just couldn't get enough after the first jump! now he's addicted!

after all the jumping we headed to our fave beach spot to do some snorkeling.
baby and i really like to float around and look at fishies! 
sadly, the conditions were really really terrible so we couldn't see a dang thing and ended up just plopping down on our beach chairs and enjoying the sun.
well, i plopped down on a beach chair and enjoyed the sun. Matt built a great white sand shark!
Great White Sand Shark
this kid LOVES to build things in the sand!
our kids are going to have a blast at the beach with him!

after all the beachy fun fun fun we decided to be true americans and hit up mcdonald's for lunch.
yes yes, i cheated on my diet but baby really wanted some fries and a few sips of dr pepper!
i just can't say no to this little stripey bump!
Stripey Bump

after coming home, cleaning up and running to the store for some supplies we decided to pretend we weren't completely exhausted and make a mexican feast for dinner!
the only craving i've had during this pregnancy so far is the overwhelming craving for mexican food and Hawaii is seriously letting me down!
there's only a couple places here that have decent mexican food but they're all 45+ minutes away.
but this meal we made...oh. my. amazing.
baby and i will have dreams of the fantabulousness of this meal! 
deliciously marinated fajitas, homemade guacamole, my sis-in-law's famous homemade salsa!
Fajita Dinner 1
Fajita Dinner 2
i say again, OH. MY. AMAZING!
and even though i love fireworks, we're usually too lazy to get out of the house and drive to where they are.
but this year we got to watch them RIGHT FROM OUR BACK PORCH as i stuffed my face full of fajitaguacamolesalsachips!
Fajita Dinner Plus Fireworks
a little far away but still pretty cool to be able to sit at your house and watch a firework show!

so that's how the 4th of July is done - Hawaii style! 


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